Prices for the slate and its assorted bundles have been cut substantially and now start from S$488 with immediate effect. Do we smell an imminent successor?


Microsoft has dropped the price of their Surface RT slate and its various bundles by S$180 with immediate effect. That’s a pretty drastic price reduction so could this be a sign that the Redmond-based behemoth is clearing its existing inventory to make way for a possible successor? Considering that the tablet is running on appreciably dated hardware — with the likes of a last generation Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that simply won’t cut it in today’s context — it might veritably be the case. Either way, it’s good news for those who still fancy Microsoft’s first effort in the tablet space and don’t mind the old hardware.


Surface RT 32GB: S$488 (UP: S$668)

Surface RT 64GB: S$618 (UP: S$798)

Surface RT 32GB w/ Touch Cover: S$618 (UP: S$798)

Surface RT 64GB w/ Touch Cover: S$748 (UP: S$928)

The Surface RT is available at all Challenger, Harvey Norman and Newstead retailers islandwide.