Touted as the world’s smartest LED lighting system, Philips hue takes personalized lighting to a new level by letting you to control and customize your lighting straight from your smartphone.


Widely known for their personalized lighting solutions, Philips has once again delivered yet another industry-first intelligent light system known as Philips hue. With hue, one can control and customize their light set-ups effortlessly from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets via the Philips hue app available on iOS and Android.

What’s so great about it:


If this, then that. With IFTTT, you can connect a variety of internet services to hue, enabling your lights to function as indicators for stuff like weather, sports updates, emails and even social media notifications.


hue’s geofencing capabilities allow your lights to turn on automatically when it detects that you are approaching home and off when you leave home. The feature may also be used to change the colour of your lights based on your location.


hue can also be scheduled to turn on/off at a particular time according to your individual routine. For example, you can set it to turn on automatically when you wake up and off as you hit the sack.


Choose from a range of specially developed LightRecipes to decorate and create a preferred atmosphere for your space. For the more creatively inclined, you also have the option of manually tweaking your light set-up by choosing your desired colours from a colour palette.

The Philips hue starter kit contains three bulbs that can be screwed into your existing lamps, and a bridge to be connected to your Wi-Fi router. After which, simply download the app on your mobile device and you’re good to go. hue is supported on all mobile phones and tablets running iOS 4.3 and Android 2.3 or newer.

You will also be delighted to know that hue is upgradeable via the internet, giving you an added reassurance that your lights won’t become obsolete when the next iteration is released.

Philips hue is available now from all Philips branded stores and Apple premium resellers.