The new mainstream wireless headset offering packs a few nifty features such as ShareMe and Tap & Play NFC pairing.

PS-Hitz WP380

Announced alongside the new lineup of Aurvana headsets just ahead of IFA Berlin, the new Hitz WP380 bluetooth wireless headset comes as the latest addition to the company’s range of mainstream headsets. Despite being a mainstream offering, it boasts a number of key features offered by its premium Aurvana counterparts.

In particular, the WP380 is equipped with ShareMe, which lets two ShareMe-enabled headsets be connected to a single device, allowing two listeners to share audio from a single source simultaneously. Other key features include Tap & Play NFC, for easy and convenient pairing of the headset to a NFC-enabled audio device, and Creative Multipoint, that enables simultaneous connections to two smart devices (such as a tablet and mobile phone).

The Hitz WP380 is expected to be available from this October at a retail price of S$139 from and all authorized dealers.