Looking to get one of the new iPhones with an operator contract? We take a close look at the different telco price plans to see how they stack up against one another.



Low tier planslow tier plans

Mid tier plansmid tier plans

High tier planshigh tier plans

Our thoughts:

In our opinion, we feel that your decision on which telco to purchase your new Apple handset from should go beyond the price of the handset. As such, we examined the various price plans for the total cost incurred over the two year contract tenure as well as the respective data bundle sizes to offer a better perspective of what you would be getting into.

From our analysis, it does appear that in general, Starhub offers the best deal in terms of total cost, data bundle size and monthly subscription fee, with M1 not too far behind. However, do note that Starhub does have the poorest 4G network coverage among the three telcos. So for high speed junkies, you might want to consider the next best option.