Designed for bright public spaces, the new EB-4000 and G6000 series projectors boast brightness levels of up to 7000 lumens.


Epson has launched a range of new high brightness projectors, the EB-4000 and G6000 series. The EB-4000 series, consisting of a comprehensive five models, are rated at 4000 lumens and above to cater to a wide variety of uses. The G6000 series, successor to the E5000 series, offer even higher brightness ratings of 5200 to 7000 lumens and feature edge blending as well Epson’s home theatre projection technologies. In addition, the top-of-the-line EB-G6800 and EB-G6900WU are equipped with curved and corner wall projection capabilities for distortion-free projections on various surface types such as convex, concave and even spherical.