The Silencio FP120 uses Loop Dynamic Bearing technology to push life expectancy up to an outstanding 160,000 hours.

Next to that an all new patented driver IC on the FP120 provides less vibrations to reduce noise and consumes lower current to save on power consumption.

The driver is also more precise, providing more accurate RPM feedback for better fan management.

The SmartFan engine backs up the driver with a low starting voltage and polarity proofing for less headaches when hooking up.

The Silencio FP fans also come with protections against fan jams and an auto-resume function after any blade obstructions are cleared to help protect the blades and motor.

The Silencio FP 120 3PIN model offers a 1200 RPM, 38 CFM, 1.2mmH2O output at 11dBA of noise to handle all case cooling needs.

Then there is the Silencio FP 120 PWM which is for those seeking performance under silence.

With a 6.5 – 14 dBA noise range, the PWM Edition can put out up to 44 CFM at 1.63 mmH2O of pressure at 1400 RPM.

Pricing :

 Silencio FP 120 PWM : S$25

 Silencio FP 120 3PIN : S$23

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