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VR Zone’s Intel Skylake Buying Guide


Inevitably, with the launch of Intel’s Skylake processors there will be a bewildering array of choices for building for just about anyone, actually. So today I will help you out in matching a computer to your budget!


The VR Zone PC Buying Guide serves up a spectacular list of today’s best desktop PC hardware, spanning five budgets that go from ~$1000 for a well-balanced machine capable of medium workloads, up to $3,000+ for the Luxury build. Specifically for Skylake, there’ll be a bewildering array of motherboards available and options. But do you really need to think hard? This is where we can help you out!


Whether you’re a first time builder seeking guidance or a seasoned enthusiast, we have you covered.

Gaming On A Shoestring

• Decent Performance • Good for Everyday Computing • MOBA Gaming

MOBA Gaming. Sure it’s not really for the future what with the VR headsets requiring a lot of graphics processing power this 1200$ build which includes a monitor as well.

1440p Gaming In A Small World

• Better performance • Excellent computing power on a budget • 1440p Gaming

4K Skylake Monster

• Focused solely on gaming • Exceptional Computing Power! • 4K Gaming

Epic Computing/Gaming Skylake Guide

• Epic performance • Video Editing • 4K Gaming capable too!

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