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VR Gaming On A Shoestring Skylake Guide

• Decent Performance

• Good for Everyday Computing

• MOBA Gaming

These specifications go out to the huge amount of gamers playing DoTA as such, they don’t require hugely impressive hardware or overkill graphics cards. What they need is balance! Thankfully we can easily build balance computers.


Component Product Price
Motherboard + Processor ASRock B150M Pro4/D3 + Intel i3 6100  $297
Memory Kingston DDR3 1600 C11 4GB 2 $36 each
Graphics Zotac GTX950 2GB Or Gigabyte R9 380 4GB $269/
Sound Integrated $0
Power Supply FSP Hexa+ 450 $59
Flash Storage Samsung 750 EVO 120GB $89
Mass Storage Toshiba 3TB 7200rpm 3.5″ $138
Case Cooler Master N200 $61
Monitor Dell S2316H $209
 Total $1193/

Motherboard, Processor, Memory

Intel’s i3-6100 is Intel’s latest dual-core processor from Skylake. It may have a just 0.1GHz lower clockspeed but it has lower power consumption than the i3-4160 and a 5% performance gain clock for clock comparing so.

Here at VR Zone, we love reliability and although we would have gone for the Gigabyte B150M-D3H DDR3 the B150M Pro4/D3 would be just as good running a i3 6100. We could have gone with a B150M-D3V but it lacks Intel Gigabit LAN so we went for the B150M Pro4/D3.
It is all the motherboard you’ll need for a budget conscious gamer. And one that is a good choice too, it has 4 USB3.0 ports on the back.

Just a little warning, you can’t run 1.5V RAM on Skylake without degrading the Skylake’s processor’s integrated memory controller. You will need to set it to 1.35v.

Graphics, Sound

Zotac GTX950 is the ideal GPU for MOBA gamers and actually, the 950 can be easily overclocked to 960 performance as the 960 is bottlenecked by the memory bandwidth. The Gigabyte R9 380 is another great option as it is a lot faster than the 950 or the 960.
Integrated sound is really good these days and the motherboard we chose uses a Realtek ALC892 Audio ASIC which I find to be acceptable even by, me, a audiophile’s standards.


Hard drives are still very well priced these days 40$ can yield 50% more storage space. If you’re very sure you don’t need the extra capacity you can save 80$ on a 1TB HDD but gigabytes tend to disappear faster than you can count them. If you happen to already have a storage drive laying around, it’d probably make sense to invest the cash in a low capacity SSD boot drive. Which brings us neatly to the Samsung 750 EVO which I hail as the holy grail of budget performance SSDs. It may be TLC but it sure isn’t your typical TLC SSD as it can hold itself up against typical MLC SSDs even

However, if you can get away with 120GB of storage the Samsung 750 EVO 120GB is a suitable option and our recommended specification as the build will be appreciably and considerably more responsive. This way you can save from $67 to 138$ but do weigh your options.
There’s no point saving your pennies for a 500GB HDD. The difference is just a mere 9$.

Power, Case

The FSP Hexa+ 450 is a well-proven power supply and it’s cheap too. It doesn’t have much power capacity and it’s not 80+ Bronze rated but 450W is more than enough for anything short of a overclocked PC with an AMD Fury X.
The CoolerMaster N200 is a particularly good budget case to build computers in. It’s got all the right features, it’s well priced and has great cooling power with 2 front 120mm fans and a top 120mm fan.


A 23″ display doesn’t sound like much these days, and there’s no denying it’s toward the smaller end of desktop monitors. But it’s a good monitor with good viewing angles as it’s a IPS display. If you want a TN display for less ghosting you can buy a BenQ GL2460H from Lazada

We should also mention that the Dell S2316H does have built-in speakers but integrated speakers are rarely enjoyable.

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