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VR 4K Skylake Monster Skylake Guide

• Focused solely on gaming

• Exceptional Computing Power!

• 4K Gaming

Many gamers are switching to 1440p monitors. We are moving up a notch to the GTX970 and a i5 is more sensible at this price range.

Component Product Price
Motherboard + Processor Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 + i5 6600K  $602
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400MHz CL15 (2x8GB) $219
Graphics Powercolor R9 Fury X 4GB $999
Sound Integrated $0
Power Supply Superflower Leadex 650W Silver $129
Flash Storage Zotac SSD Premium 480GB $229
Mass Storage Toshiba 3TB 7200rpm 3.5″ $138
Case Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 $129
Cooling Deepcool GamerStorm Lucifer V2 $69
Monitor Acer CB280HK $699
 Total $3213

Motherboard, Processor, Memory

Intel’s i5-6600K is Intel’s latest overclockable quad-core non hyperthreading processor from Skylake. It has the same clockspeed as the i5 4690K but it has a 5% performance gain clock for clock comparing so. If you’re not overclocking you can forgo the i5-6600K for a i5-6500

The Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 is one hell of a motherboard packing a OPA2134 headphone amp from Burr Brown and Qualcomm’s Killer LAN NIC. It also has a USB3.1 Type-C (along with another 3.1 Type-A) with 3 other USB3.0 ports. Additionally it has another 2 connectors on the board supporting up to another 4 USB3.0 ports. It also comes with a M.2 slot for a high speed SSD like a Plextor M6e.

Graphics, Sound

The Powercolor R9 Fury X excels at 4K gaming compared to the Nvidia GTX980 Ti plus it’s actually quieter as it uses a AIO setup.
The Z170MX-Gaming 5 packs a OPA2134 headphone amp with a Realtek ALC1150. The ALC1150 is actually the best Realtek Audio ASIC around and it packs a OPA2134 headphone amp so it’s definitely a recommended motherboard.


The budget door has been opened even wider allowing for more storage options. 480GB SSD and a 3TB HDD is our recommendation. The Zotac SSD Premium is our favorite as it’s not only cheap but also reliable with a great warranty coverage and it’s also a fast SSD too.

Power, Case

The Superflower Leadex 650w Silver comes with a enormous 140mm fan and is quiet because of the big fan additionally it will run in semi passive mode too. 650W is actually plenty for even a overclocked processor and a Fury X should you not need to overclock you can go down to a 550W but that’s only 10$ less.
The Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 is an great Micro ATX case and it’s elegant too.


The Deepcool Gamerstorm Lucifer V2 is a very big CPU cooler that is very quiet when you are not loading down the processor and it’s actually almost inaudible at maximum. I have used one of these for a long time in the past and I’ve only been astounded how cheap it is versus the performance.


The Acer CB280HK is TN but it’s the best value 4K monitor around and TN offers low response times. Also it’s 28″ in size so it’s pixel density isn’t so tiny that you can’t see anything without really cranking up the DPI settings in windows.

You can pay 100$ for a Dell 4K display namely the P2415Q but it is also 24″ in size. It offers up IPS which has astounding color accuracy and amazing viewing angles that TN simply cannot match.

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