AVerMedia, manufacturer of video capture devices as part of their Gaming line has launched 3 new products, a stereo microphone and 2 speakers.

The design philosophy for the new line of products are part of a strategy namely the microphone being the defensive device and the speakers being the offensive device. Therefore they are named the Aegis and Ballista respectively.


Ask any commander and they will tell you, the key to victory is communication. The Aegis Gaming Voice Chat Mic is your key to gaming victory. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology utilizes spatial signal processing, signal separation, and adaptive filtering to bring you superb voice chat function by suppressing speaker frequencies.

When your victory depends on communication, the Aegis is the asset of choice for joint operations, coordination and rapid reaction. Crystal clear voice chat without the distraction.
The Aegis also has a pickup range of 60cm and the volume button and a mute button all on the device.


The Aegis will be available for $130 as the SRP.

Up next, the speakers.

Ballista Unity


Premium Sound Configuration for Gaming

In the midst of your gaming world lies an incredible auditory journey. Duality speakers are the guide through this adventure. No warrior steps onto the field of combat without a weapon of resonance. Thus, your speaker system must be spectacular. The specially developed 2.75″ midrange and 30W 5.5″ full range subwoofer drivers deliver true sonic depth and detail. Configured specifically for gaming environments, you’ll encounter crystal clear high frequencies and rich throaty bass sounds with lessened distortion.

Multiple Inputs and Headphone Output Jack

Precise control is the key to every victory. Unity delivers a centralized control console to give you the flexibility to setup your audio environment wherever you need it. The multifunctional console gives you power, volume, bass, and treble adjustments at a finger’s reach. Your A/V gear isn’t left out; the console includes RCA and 3.5 mm auxiliary jacks so you can shape your audio environment even further. Wherever your game takes you, be in control.

Wall-Mountable Satellites

Imagine the roar of cannons as they push across the field of battle. Wherever they are needed, the thunder is there. This is the strength of design behind the Unity speakers. Shelf-mounted or wall-mounted, the solid base and built-in keyhole accommodates flexible setup options. With the added extended cable (1.8M), position your satellites in an optional location to win the battle in sonic clarity.

Ballista Trinity


Trinity speakers are the guide through this adventure. A journey only experienced with weapons firing more bass response and resonant mids. The specially developed 2.75″ midrange and 48W 6.5″ full range subwoofer drivers deliver true sonic depth and detail.

Assassin Mode

When the cry of battle requires a moment of silence, activate Assassin Mode. The essence of any game is lived through its audio. Living that passion is the design behind the Trinity Gaming Speakers. One feature in particular, Assassin mode is designed to push tonal balance to the limit under high volume conditions. Even when the need for quiet arises, you can rely on the Assassin mode function to provide superb bass sounds and crisp treble dynamics in a low volume situation. Assassin mode allows you to surround yourself with the sounds of battle without losing out on the soul pounding intensity.

Independent Bass and Treble Adjustment

Here comes the latest game with an unheard of audio backdrop, but your speakers are designed for monotone. What you need is a set of speakers designed for your listening experience. Trinity delivers adjustable treble and bass controls to produce exceptional balance between upper midrange, and lower frequencies, producing full, rich sound without losing detail. Your games are as unique as your audio tastes. Customize your sound to match your game style, movie selection and music preferences. Arm yourself with the Ballista Trinity speakers and tune in, not out.

Three-Way Satellite Speakers

You don’t play a game with the monitor turned off, so why use speakers with no audio punch. Armed with a discrete crossover network, Trinity delivers incredible low frequencies and crisp, exhilarating midrange tones. With a generous 48W 6.5″ subwoofer, twin dual channel 2.75″ satellite drivers and a custom designed 3/4″ ceramic-metal hybrid 1″ tweeter for accurate audio reproduction, Trinity gaming speakers are engineered to reproduce every soft ambient footstep, every blood-curdling shriek and every visceral inhuman snarling waiting in the depths of night just for you. Trinity gaming speakers, enter your audio world.

The Ballista Unity and Trinity will be available for $120 SRP and $165 respectively

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